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DroidGamers writes a praising article and puts Dragon Overseer as one of their top picks to try out, during the Holidays!

Dragon Overseer is a premium, skill-based RPG for mobile – Droid Gamers

The developers of Dragon Overseer clearly don’t like the direction that mobile RPGs are taking, as this brand new entry in the genre takes things in a different direction. And that direction is backwards – though not in a bad way. It takes what we loved about RPGs back in the day and applies them to modern mobile RPGs.

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Android: 5 new games you have to play this week – Droid Gamers

Despite it being a little thing called Christmas this week, the Android gods still saw fit to release a bunch of awesome new games.

While it is a little slimmer than our usual bounty, we still found five excellent games for you. So put your feet up, grab yourself a drink of something hot, and dig into these five awesome new games.

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