Dragon Overseer REBORN 🔥✨💀❄️

The Game is Relaunched & is now free to play!
The uniqueness of the game lies below the surface & graphics and more in the actual game-mechanics & design, free to play allows new potential players to experience this without risk!
As an online multiplayer game, best played with friends, making the game free makes it easier for players to invite their friends to the game.

Server has been Reset!
Thanks to the current players approval of a server reset, all the players, new as well as veterans, have the same opportunity to become powerful!

The Relaunch version 1.6.00 comes with loads of updates:

*Explosions & Hurt-animations in Trainmode to make it more immersive
*Improved Framerate in Train-Mode (for high end devices)
*Polished Gui in both Feed and Explore modes
*New feature, Challenge specific dragon, now you can challenge your friends directly!
*Battle Logs Improved further
*Skills particle effects now even more epic
*Gamebalance: Dragonforce impact on Skill-damage is curved during the early game to later become constant, to allow for a natural turn progression from 10 turns(very early game) up to 25-30 turn (end-game) ( this remains to be tweaked whether the different strategies, aggro, control or combo is equally powerful or not )

And finally the launch brings the new Official Trailer which has been in dev for a long time:

Dragon Overseer Free Version:

For my beloved Veterans:
Any veteran here who managed to get above level 20 are eligable for getting ALL payable content in-game!
( I am working on adding your deviceID to a VIP list, but you can pm me now and I will unlock everything for any dragon you create )

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