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Whether it’s from deep strategy or lightning reflexes, your skill determines your Dragons Power

Will you emerge victorious and claim the respect you deserve?

Its all up to you…

Dragon Overseer is a turn-based multiplayer rpg, an ongoing, never-ending adventure which heavily encourages competitive play along the way, challenge your friends or perhaps someone from across the globe in the player-matching Arena.

Whether your goal is to experience and enjoy the adventure, or become the competitive champion, it is essential to grow stronger, and how you do that, is entirely up to you, for there are multiple paths to power.

-Hunt and eat the right combinations of foods to unlock powerful genetic traits

-Train efficiently by skillfully navigating through clouds of immigrating wyverns

-Explore your unique world and defeat mighty boss dragons to learn new Skills by draining their souls hidden powers.

Dragon Overseer is turn based, meaning that every action you make and every path you take is of significance! You have a limited amount of turns each day, these turns are translated into three different points:

-Action points, used for training,

-Move points consumed when traveling the world and

-Battle points needed when engaging in battles.

Every third hour all dragons replenish some of their points and you are notified on your device, and when you run out of a certain type of points you’ll need to have some patience, the exact time when new points are given are: at 12:00, 15:00, 18:00 and so on. (Central Standard Time).

When your dragon becomes stronger and reach a higher level, you are awarded with statpoints which you can use to empower the dragon exactly the way you want. The different stats can affect everything from how you perform in battle, how many items your dragon can store or how far your dragon can see when exploring the world.

How well you plan and build your dragon with these statpoints in accordance to your strategy is one major key to success.

But It’s not the mastering of one game aspects alone that will lead to real power, but rather the sum of all your actions, the synergic effects between the results you skillfully and purposely achieved in all aspects of the game!

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